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KCHEA is working to develop programs that will help document the stories and artifacts of Kentucky's rich craft history and traditions, and tell the story of the modern craft movement in the state.

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Craft Luminaries

Through a series of oral history videos, KCHEA has documented the stories of more than 90 individuals that include craft makers, collectors, craft organization representatives and government officials that have had an impact on craft development in the state.

Sharing the Stories Exhibit

This traveling exhibit features the artworks and stories of some of the state’s most recognized craft artists. The exhibiting artists are only a sampling of more than 90 individuals who have been interviewed  as part of KCHEA’s Craft Luminary oral history project. The purpose of this exhibit is to bring the artists' stories to life, and make them accessible to the public in an educational format.

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Legacy Workshops

The Craft History: Preserving Your Personal Legacy workshops address documentation and planning for the preservation of artisan records. Topics cover information about the Kentucky Craft History and Education Association, conducting oral histories, and collecting and placing materials with collections and repositories.  

Kentucky Crafts Encyclopedia

The Kentucky Crafts Encyclopedia is a portal to information about Kentucky craft makers, practices, craft history, craft institutions, and places that exhibit or sell craft products.  Besides providing a basic overview of the topic, the site's many links direct visitors to other websites or to places that supply more extensive information. The site presents most of its content from the home page in alphabetical order, but also offers an index, a timeline, a map, and a calendar of events. 

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