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KCHEA: Saving the Story of Kentucky Craft

The Kentucky Craft History and Education Association gathers, conserves and presents the history and ongoing impact of crafts in Kentucky
GOAL I:  Strong Organizational Capacity to achieve KCHEA mission 
•    Continue to document KCHEA activities and projects via formal reports
•    Reestablish committees. 
Board Development:
•    Identified several potential new board members for consideration.
•    Surveyed Board skills and interests.
•    Refine using Zoom for regular meetings.
•    Develop procedures for conducting interview using the Zoom format.
•    Continue to participate in informational and development meeting provided by other organizations. 
•    Raise funds for special projects.
•    Pursue Emily Wolfson fundraiser with the Kentucky Guild of Artist &  Craftsmen.
•    Initiate a KCHEA membership campaign.
•    Write a grant to the Oral History Commission.
•    Participate in fundraising programs including, Kroger Community Rewards, GoodShop, and Amazon Smile.
GOAL II: Kentuckians to take pride in our long, diverse and continuing craft history (Public Programs and Projects)
•    Explore opportunities for future gallery exhibitions.
•    Explore forming a traveling exhibit for Main Street Kentucky venues.
•    Include the Craft Luminary Memorial list on  website.
•    Donate interviews produced since 2015 to the Kentucky Historical   Society. 
•    Link transcribed interview videos from KCHEA web site to the Kentucky Historical Society online digital collection, making them available for public viewing.
GOAL III: A strong support system for the identification, research and documentation (i.e. scholarship) of Kentucky Craft History
•    Conduct oral history interviews using Zoom as part of ongoing Craft Luminary Project.
•    Continue to transcribe and index interviews.
•    Produce a series of Zoom videos for the Craft Legacy Project.
•    Create a Craft Luminary Memorial list.
•    Create Kentucky Craft Timeline.

GOAL IV:  A Strong Brand Identity for KCHEA
•    Redesign website.
•    Maintain KCHEA web site -- posting annual report, activity announcements, and press releases.
•    Increase presence on social media accounts including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.


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