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Kentucky Craft Luminaries: Sharing the Stories

Behringer-Crawford Museum
1600 Montague Road
Covington, Kentucky

March 11- May 14, 2023

In collaboration with KCHEA, the Behringer-Crawford Museum presents “Kentucky Craft Luminaries: Sharing the Stories” featuring numerous artists who have been interviewed as part of KCHEA's ongoing oral history project. 

The exhibit features the artworks and stories of some of the state’s most recognized craft artists including basketry, furniture, weaving, pottery, glass, quilting, wooden folk art, and stringed instruments. The exhibiting artists are only a sampling of nearly100 individuals who have been interviewed over the last fifteen years as part of KCHEA’s Craft Luminary oral history project. A video presentation with excerpts from some of these interviews will be presented in conjunction with the exhibit, as well as an Educator’s Guide for school visits.

The purpose of this ongoing exhibit is to affirm KCHEA's leading role in documenting Kentucky's craft history, bringing the stories to life, and making them accessible to the public in an educational format. The exhibit is available for other venues, please inquire

This exhibit has been previously presented at ArtsPlace (2015), the Frazier Museum (2019) and Lexington Central Library (2021)

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This video was produced to be presented in conjunction with "Kentucky Craft Luminaries: Sharing the Stories". If features portions of several oral history interviews that KCHEA has conducted.

Take a virtual tour of the  Lexington Library exhibit. Narration by Gwen Heffner. 

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